Sunday, July 17, 2005

Welcome Home Amanda

On Sunday we made the 84 mile trek to Northridge to see our new friends from Group 104 at their 2nd daughter’s Welcome Home party. Scott & Gaynor already have 1 precious daughter, Lauren, and they traveled with us to bring home her sister Amanda.

Tenley’s 1st playdate was with Amanda while we were in China, and she was the first baby Tenley evidenced any interest in. Amanda is a much sweeter soul who has little interest in sitting up, and none in crawling since she can roll anywhere she’d like to be. Unfortunately for her, Tenley is like a baby bulldozer and has this tendency to plow over Amanda and anyone else (including us) who might be in her path. Gaynor refers to her as “Tenley: Warrior Princess”- which is oh so appropriate, and I’m only sorry I didn’t think of it first!

Scott & Gaynor have a great house up on a hill in a gated “stepford community” that has a design reminiscent of what was being built in No. Kansas City in late 1996- which I loved for it’s open feeling and yet still compartmentalized rooms. Tenley loved the plush carpet in the den which she could run her fingers in, I envied the kitchen, and Jeff was trying to figure out if he could sneak the baby grand piano out the door and tow it home behind the Accord. We had a fabulous spread from a nearby deli, and Gaynor made brownies and a yummy coffee cake for dessert.

The best part was meeting Scott & Gaynor’s great families, and seeing the babies together again at home. Joe & Sue who were also in 104 came and brought their 2 beautiful older daughters and their new sister Katie. It was so interesting to see the girls together and see all the things about them that were so alike ...and all the things that were so different. I look at Lauren and wonder what they’ll all be like in 3 years- and I hope we’re all still together so I can find out.

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