Saturday, July 02, 2005

Local School Kids

Peacu Hi Cheese!

Today we had to go back for a quick trip to Shamain Island to get our chops and pick up a few misc things, like a hat for Tenley. (Someone keeps making that suggestion) When we got there it was time for some quick lunch for the little Monkey. While Shel fed her I went to get her orphanage camera developed. We had sent a camera several weeks ago and they took some pics of Tenley in the orphanage and gave the camera back to us on Gotcha Day.
When I returned from the camera shop, Michelle was completely surrounded by school kids on an outing with their teacher. They were all fascinated by Tenley and all wanted to practice the little english they knew. Everyone was saying Hi and How are you. Michelle was talking to them and asking them how old they were and the teacher was talking to us about Tenley. These kids were really cute and very inquisitive. Tenley, who was sucking down a bottle, was fascinated with the kids as well but not so much that she forgot about the bottle. I told all the kids to jump in next to Shel and Tenley for a picture. I held up two fingers and made the peace sign and said "Peacu Hi Cheese" and they all held up their fingers and I snapped the pic.
After a few minutes the kids had to leave. So we said goodbye and they all walked away to continue their outing.

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