Monday, July 25, 2005

1st Family Gathering

Our family loves to get together and sit around eating and talking. We'll use almost any excuse. So this last week, Auntie Meg rounded up the family and had everyone over for a BBQ to celebrate: the birth of Sarah (July 4), Mary's pregnancy (due Jan), Kristy's pregnancy (due March), Vikki & Kipp's purchase of a new house, and the arrival of our Little Empress.

Tenley finally met all the menbers of our extended family that have been anxiously awaiting her arrival for the last year. She got passed around from person to person, and while she was rather stoic to most everyone, she did have big smiles for Aunties Meg & Lisa whom she's already seen & spent some time with. She cheerfully chased Meg's dog Reveille and scooted all over the floor (which eventually turned the front of the cute dress Meg had bought for her quite gray). She ate, took 2 naps, and did really really well considering all the new people and noise.

And then we went home. She ate, had a bath, and then had a 2 hour screaming meltdown. She was so tired, but so wound up and over excited. She refused to be comforted. We thought it might be her teeth, so we gave her some ibuprofin- but it didn't help. We tried a small 4oz bottle, which she ate...and then resumed screaming. Finally, at 11:00 at night we loaded her into the car and drove around town in our pajamas listening to Journey until there was silence from the back seat. We went home around 12:15 and carefully moved the sleeping monkey to her crib, where she mercifully slept until 7:00 am the next morning. And so did we.

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