Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sleep? Who Needs Sleep!

Our first night home was indeed a long one. Tenley fell asleep around 11pm and we finished up a few things and hit the bed at midnight. 2:30am on the dot that kid was up and ready to go. She showed no signs of sleep and had an absolute fit of the screaming variety if you tried to get her to sleep. At one point, I think around 5am, she was just asleep and I rocked her for a few more minutes before setting her in her crib. The second her head hit the mattress she started screaming again. Finally Michelle and I decided we were up and we would just wait to see when little miss busy pants would hit the wall and crash hard. Little did we know what we were up against.

Everything is so new she just doesn't want to miss anything. She was so tired that she would just sit glassy eyed and stare off into space. If you even tried to hold her or make like you were going to lay her down she would start screaming again. Then she was off playing again. Food didn't help it only seemed to fuel her for another few hours.

Finally around 7am we decided since we were up we would go to breakfast. Tenley fell asleep in the car on the way there but stayed awake through our breakfast and even ate some rice cereal. On the way home, after a little protest about being in the carseat, she fell asleep again. This time it seemed like she was out for good. I carried her in the house and put her in the crib and apart from a few moments of stiring, she is still out. We will see how long this lasts.

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Catie&Meigan's Mommy said...

Hey guys!!!!
it's a hard thing now...but with Meigan, we had to let her screech it out one day afater being home, and I have a picture of her sleeping, sitting up with her head against the crib rail....she was SOOOO overtired and just was a train-wreck and she needed to sleep and she needed to have a little cry.....don't worry...ALL will be fine......heck, I've done it 2 times :))) hugs from northern CA....Kristin in G93