Saturday, July 02, 2005

New Hat

Grandma Susie said I needed a Mommy & Daddy bought me one!


Barbara Park said...

Too Precious for words. Your Grandma had a good idea. The hat looks great on you.

Love you lots, Grandpa & Grandma

amelia terich said...

ok, so i am hooked. i've been on your site for hours. i knew u were getting tenley recently, so i wanted to c how it went. your entries r hilarious. having micah now (9 months), being adopted myself, born in taiwan, etc. there are so many reasons why i'm interested! can u c the similarities? can't wait 2 meet her. have u even met micah yet?!

Grandma Susie said...

Ok, I said a "hat" not an item designed to give my grandaughter nightmares! geez. She does look awfully cute though.
Tenley, make Mama and Daddy turn that hat face to the wall before you go to sleep, ok. Love you!

Grandma Susie

Babygirl's parents said...

Oh my gosh...
You have to get that photo enlarged and framed. It is smashing!!!!