Sunday, July 10, 2005

Defending Your Dinner

In our house there are three cats and two servants. Now that the little empress of China has moved in, the cats adopted her as royalty and now there are three cats, the little empress and two servants. The oldest cat, Smudge, only cares for chicken or turkey but little else in the people food arena. The middle cat, Hobie, doesn't care for people food at all. The youngest cat, Beeps, thinks she is a seagull. This cat will eat anything, preferably off of your plate. So we always call it "Defending Your Dinner." Beeps will climb up to where you are eating and paw at your fork, spoon or plate in an effort to get what she wants.

Tonight, as you can see in the picture, Tenley got to play her first round of Defending Your Dinner. Although it was a bottle with formula in it, Beeps saw no reason that she shouldn't be allowed to share some of that. She perched right on the side of the crib and occassionally stuck out the paw of death to make a grab for the bottle. At one point she stood on my hand and tried to come over to Tenley for a more direct assault.

It will be a more interesting game once Tenley is eating solid food. Until then, I think Tenley has the upper hand in this round.

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