Thursday, May 13, 2004

The End is Near - 5/12/2004

....well, the end of the Homestudy anyway! I just recieved e-mail this morning from Karen, our Social Worker,that all of our refrences have arrived, and the Homestudy is therefore, finished!! We need to schedule 1 final meeting where Karen will go over the homestudy with us, and give us copies to give to the INS and to US Asian Affairs (USAA) our facilitators; and we will give her certified copies of our birth/marriage/divorce certificates as well as pictures & a letter of guardianship to give to our Adoption Agency, Bal Jagat. We're almost over the first major hurdle!
As soon as we complete our last visit with Karen, we'll be off to file our I600A form (Application for Advanced Processing of Orphan)with the INS and get fingerprinted by the FBI. While we're doing that, USAA will be translating our Homestudy and vital documents into Chinese.
Thanks to everyone who wrote refrences, and helped us to get this far!