Monday, July 04, 2005

Stupid Farm

Tonight we went to a farm in another town. This was quite possibly the worst thing we could have done. Tenley had absolutely no nap today and was already so tired she was cranky. This farm is anything but appropriate for these kids. We were there for hours. There was nothing to do and then there was dinner. Which was really good. We should have left after dinner but no we had to stay and watch a semi-acrobatic show. It was strange but again, totally inappropriate for babies.

On this tourist trap farm there were some animals. Some ducks, ponies, cows and chickens. There were plants. All kinds. Tenley met a nice cow and she got to pet his nose. This was followed a healthy dose of Purel to clean her hands. We saw the strangest little show ever...Diving Pigs. The pigs were pushed up a ramp and then forced to jump about 6 ft. down into a pool. They probably liked it because once again it was like 1200 degrees outside at 5pm. One of our group noted that there is a fine line between pig jumping and pig tossing. That line was almost crossed.

We didn't get back to the hotel until well after 10pm and having no sleep during the day and just a very, very short nap on the ride back to the hotel Tenley had a monster of a meltdown. I'm sure people 10 miles away were waking up going "What is that noise?"

The whole thing was a waste of time for the babies. I understand why we go to these things as it gives us something to do other than sitting around the hotel. Which, by the way, we will be doing for the rest of our eternity here in the hottest place on earth.