Sunday, July 10, 2005

Bath Time

Today after a nice breakfast, Tenley slept for 4 hours. Michelle took this opportunity to have a nap herself. I was passed the tired point and could not sleep even when I tried. So when Tenley awoke I was there to change her and feed her so she could start playing again. After Michelle got up we took a nice walk outside in the sunshine so our bodies could get used to the fact that it was daytime and not nighttime.

After a quick trip to Target, in an effort to keep Tenley awake, we came home to bath time. Tenley loves the bath although because she cannot sit up perfectly yet she can't splash as much as she would like. So we brought out the bath duck. This was the perfect size for little bodies that need to be cleaned and like to splash. She immediately felt more comfortable and splashed so much that daddy had a bath too!

Bath time over, it was time for dinner and sleeping. We'll see if she makes it through the night or not. The search for sleep continues.

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