Saturday, July 16, 2005

Grandma Susie Shoots and Scores!

As you have seen by the pictures, the ever on-the-go Tenley has started pulling herself up to a standing position. She actually started this a few days ago when I was doing baby sit-ups with her, but instead of happily attaining a sitting position and then being lowered to the start position, she began doing roll ups like we did in dance class until she was standing. Then she started trying to haul herself up using the side of the couch. Then the coffee table, which is when we decided to put her back in baby jail because Ten is great a conking her head on things anyway, and we saw the un-bumpered coffee table as a 17 stitches disaster waiting to happen. However, she quickly discovered that the play yard is perfect for getting to a standing position because it’s very design gives her nifty handholds (I only hope it takes her awhile to figure out they could be used as foot holds as well). Anyone holding Tenley has also discovered that their primary attraction for the little monkey is to be used as a ladder. Once she has convinced the holder to assist her to the standing position, she begins to bounce and boogie until your thighs are black and blue.

It was for this very reason that Grandma Susie’s eyes lit up when she saw the Jump-A-Roo. Unlike the old Johnny Jump-Ups that attached to doorframes and caused children endure a variety of injuries as they bounced off the door frame like a pinball, the Jump-A-Roo is a free standing gadget with a seat and covered springs that allows little bounders to jump until their heart is content without the fear of a concussion as the door molding crashes down on their head. Given Tenley’s desire to stand and get her groove on, Grandma Susie rushed out and purchased one and brought it over.

Jeff accomplished the set-up, and when our little monkey awoke from her nap, we plunked her in it. We lowered it so her little feet could touch the ground, and she was happy to be in a supported standing position. She checked out the toys attached to the seat frame, but then seemed at a loss. So, I grabbed the sides of the seat frame and gently bounced her a few times. She got it....and then spent the next 30 minutes happily bouncing on her own. The only time she stopped was when she was stunned by the pretty lights on the detachable play tray, and when she accidentally bonked her head on the kangaroo on said tray.

With a little luck, the Jump-A-Roo will keep Tenley entertained long enough for Mommy to wash her bottles, and she’ll never know that her little legs & ab muscles are getting a workout that any supermodel would envy.

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