Thursday, July 07, 2005

Farewell Dinner

Tonight was the farewell dinner at a local seafood restaurant. It was very nice and the food was pretty good. The babies were all dressed up and everyone was in a good mood. Probably because they are all going home tomorrow. Norman spoke for a bit and then the Martin and China team gave out gifts to all the babies. Dinner came next and was the usual BBQ Pork, Fish, Veggies, Goose, Jellyfish, Rice, Soup and these really yummy pastry things that you dipped into a creamy sweet sauce.

After dinner was mostly done, Martin and the team went around table by table for the Rice Wine toasting. After several shots of this stuff at each table Martin was sufficiently hammered. Then the singing began. Jimmy sang and really nice song for us, the China team sang a song and then Martin sang a song for us. One of the gentlemen on the trip with his family noted at this point "Great, I flew 10,000 miles to hear a drunk Chinese man sing a song." It was really funny.

At this point it was getting late for the kids and very, very loud in the room. A few families left to go back to the hotel to begin the long night of packing. The rest of the families stayed and I'm sure had a wonderful time at the farewell dinner.

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