Friday, July 30, 2010

OC Fair 2010

We always go to the (very) big LA County Fair every September because it happens right over Tenley's birthday; but it has actually been a few years since we've been to the OC Fair in Costa Mesa.

The good thing about the OC Fair is that it's quite a bit smaller than LA and therefore easier to do in a day. It's proximity to the coast also means that on a Wed in July it was glorious- 75 degrees and sunny with a light breeze. They also do these nice community service days on Weds where you bring in kid's books/canned goods/school supplies/etc. and they give you free admission and a carnival ride-sweet!

When we started taking Ten to the fair 4ish years ago, she liked: seeing the animals, eating popcorn, looking at everything, and taking a spin on the carousel. Now, it's straight to the midway. No stopping, no passing commercial buildings, no arts & crafts exhibits, no free entertainment, no food- just rides, rides rides!! This has been building steadily, and now that she's finally 44" and is starting to be able to go on things on the big midway, well there was no turning back for our little roller coaster loving sweetheart!

We wisely dropped $50 to get she and Jeff unlimited ride wristbands. She started with the swings, which she was delighted to go on all by herself.

Then she moved on to "the tall swings" ...the ones that go 115ft up in the air. She let Daddy go with her though.

Those were pronounced "so cool!" which was followed by "let's go again! C'mon Daddy!!" Repeat.

After 3 times on "the tall swings" and 2 trips on the "mouse trap coaster" with the spinning cars, Daddy needed a break from things that went in circles. So they headed off to the giant Euroslide.

Daddy was saved from returning to the circular rides by the arrival of Kim with Jaxon & Logan in tow. We headed off to see the farm animals and go to the kids midway so Logan could ride rides too.
What followed was a milking demonstration, some cool animal sightings, being licked by a baby jersey cow, a couple kiddie rides and a hot dog on a stick for all. And, one of Ten's last remaining early childhood joys- a pony ride.

...and then that was enough of that. Time to get back to the big midway and all the cool rides. She managed to talk Jaxon into a spin on the "mousetrap coaster", but by now it was close to 7 and the place was getting crowded, so Kim and I went and got Logan some fries and got in line for "the green rollercoaster" so they wouldn't have to wait as long. Jaxon passed on the green coaster, but it was only the prohibitivly long line that kept Ten from going again.
They hit a few other things, and then we said goodbye to K, J & L as they started the trek home. Then Ten got in her last desired ride before her wristband expired...this thing know the one, where it spins insanely fast and you get stuck to the wall?? I couldn't believe she was allowed to go on it by herself, but her Dad wouln't let her go alone. It was the only ride I worried about all day- not that she would be scared, but that either she or Jeff would barf, because when you hurl on that ride it shoots out and makes a mushroom cloud that flies back and hits you in the face. Ugh- the clean up would not be pretty.
Fortunately, neither of them yaked. Ten got off all smiles and giggles and would happily have gone again if her father's constitution had allowed.
Her wristband expired, she happily allowed us to go through the commercial building, and by then we were all wiped out and staggered to our car- gratefull that we had paid the extra $7 for preferred parking.
T-35 days to LA County Fair for a repeat!!