Saturday, July 02, 2005

Two Good Looking Babies

Hey Baby!

Preceding the nap this afternoon was Tenley's first accident that caused many tears. Michelle was on the phone getting a message, Tenley was on the bed playing with her toys and I was standing around. I walked into the bathroom to blow my nose when all of a sudden I heard this loud thud. I came back into the room and Tenley was in a heap on the floor. The side of the bed proved too much for her and over she went. Landed smack on her head. Needless to say there were many, many tears. All of this was way too much for her and she fell asleep crying in my arms. When the nap was over all was well and forgiven. Happy baby returned.

After a trip to the pool we decided to take a quick trip on the Guangzhou Metro two stops up to a store that we have been told about. The subway and the two stops were the easy part. Finding the store when we got there was another thing altogether. We asked a policeman who didn't know and he directed us to subway employees who also didn't now. Of course none of them spoke or understood english so it was pretty funny.

We eventually found our way into this really weird underground shopping mall with a cave motif. I used to think the Japanese were strange but this is really weird. We followed it around looking at all the stuff for sale when we ran into the store we were looking for. It is sort of a cross between a grocery store and a smallish Target. We looked through the store and picked out a few things we wanted to buy. As always, two white people with a Chinese baby attract a lot of attention. Other mother's come up and introduce us to their babies and they like to touch the baby's hands together. I was beginning to wonder if we were being set up for an arranged marriage or something.

We finally left the store and found our way back to the hotel. It was getting rainy outside so it was good we were in for the night. When we got back it was time for Tenley's bottle. After her dinner she was scooting around on the floor looking for things to put in her mouth as usual. She heard Michelle in the bathroom so off she went that way. As she passed the closet doors she saw another baby crawling along as well. This needed some investigation. She had never seen that kid in here before.

She looked very carefully, putting her hands up to the mirror and look - the other baby did that too! She was having a good time when all of this was interrupted by a dirty diaper. This ticked her off so much that once again she started screaming. It took both of us to change her diaper and we were trying not to laugh at her. We got her diaper changed, pajamas on and then Michelle held her tight. She was all tired out from the pool, her two subway rides and meeting various people in the store. This was all too much for her and she conked out pretty quick.

It's 8:10pm on Saturday night and Tenley is out for the night. Tomorrow we are going to a Budhist Temple so all the children can be blessed by the monks. We will have loads of pictures from our trip to Budha land. Stay tuned!


Barbara Park said...

Hi All,

I just love this picture. Are you tired of hearing that she is cute? She is so adorable. One week and I can get my Grandma arms around her. I can hardly wait. You are probably tired of hearing that too. Too Bad!!! I am a Grandma, what can I say.

Love you all lots.

Love, Mom (Grandma)

Anonymous said...

Jeff and family,

it's the other Jeff from Disneyland. (Slagle) Patty Sullivan passed along the blog link to me the other day. I spent all last night reading and today catching up on your quest. Man, this is better than a $10 crappy movie. I laughed, I cried, I was on the edge of my seat, I didn't answer my cell phone when it rang once. I am just enthralled in the love you guys have. I can't wait to hear and see more!!!

All my love, thoughts and prayers are with you all.

-Slagle (the other Jeff)