Monday, July 11, 2005

A caged and tired little monkey known as Tenley peers out of her entrapment and wonders "if I make cute faces at them will they let me out?"

The SuperYard turns out to be a Super purchase. It creates a nice environment for Tenley to play in and allows the cats to stick their paws through the holes and grab Tenley's toys. She doesn't appreciate that much. We're thinking of having a sign made that says "Don't Feed the Monkey"


Shannon said...

She is such a cutie pie!! I'm glad you all got back safe and sound and seem to be doing well. Congrats so much on becoming a family!


Anonymous said...

After having read your blogs, and the manner in which you refer to your new daughter, I am appauled at your attitude!! Just because you were neglected and ignored as a child does not give you license to ruin a life: especially that of your new daughter!! I know, I know you will hide behind the thin veneer of sarcasm to defend and rationalize your inappropriate attitude toward Tenley. What does Jeff think about your "cutting" ways, or have you "cut" his off years ago. He must surely have learned by now to go with the flow, and not to argue with you, for your Borderline tendencies surely surface with rage, chastizement and dismissiveness. Oh, and by the way Tenley is not a monkey!