Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Please Do Not Feed the Monkey:

So, it turns out that the "easy" way out in feeding Tenley is to just do what she wants: let her feed herself! Here is a picture of tonight's kitchen disaster. There was rice stuck to everything. Especially after she discovered that dropping it on the ground attracted cats, and that there was a ceiling fan right over her head. As I speak there is rice stuck to my shirt, and I've already fished a chunk of it out of brassiere that I'm still not sure how she got in there.
The good news is that she's a hearty eater! The bad news is that Kraft Mac& Cheese from the box has become a staple at my house because this kid loves macaroni & cheese!

Misery Loves Company:

In an effort to preserve my already questionable sanity, I have joined the Mom's Club in town so I can find local age appropriate playmates for Miss Ten, and other stay-at-home Mommies to talk to (ask questions of, whine to, drink with). I met a few of the Mom's at a nearby park yesterday and they were all really nice... and already a huge help- they all resoundingly recommended the Pre School at Temple Beth El - and advised I get her on the waiting list pronto (which I did today)!

Legal Eagle:

Tenley's Social Security card arrived in the mail this week! (ha-ha-ha: as it currently stands, I'm only going to get to collect for the first 3 years of "retirement") That's one item we can check off the Post-Adopt checklist. Now it's on to the US Passport! I picked up the application at the post office this week, and found out from talking to the nice (non aggressive) postal worker that we will have to send in our original copy of Tenley's Certificate of Citizenship...which happens to be the only copy we have (and we have no idea how we'd get another one if someone lost it!). So, I think we'll just make a little field trip to the Government bldg. on Wilshire in LA: if we apply in person I think we only have to show it and not surrender it.

Papa Can You Hear Me:

We received e-mail from our local FCC chapter that Harvard University is doing a study on how infants learn language, and why our ability to learn a 2nd language diminishes with age. They are looking for children adopted from China and Eastern European countries to participate. Tenley seemed to fit the parameters, so we applied and got chosen to participate! We've filled out our first set of surveys about Ten's language & gestures, and we'll be doing those once or twice a month as well as submitting an hour long video tape once a month so that they can see and hear her babble and watch for a progression.

You're Going Down:

Well, it looks like Grandma Suzie might have diabetes! Yuk! Sucks to be her!! On the bright side, it means that I'll only have to worry about Daddy and Aunty Meg introducing Tenley to dingdongs, oreos, rolos, etc. (...Grandma Suzie has already made the monkey a Diet Coke least she tries not to give her any when I'm present, but I'm pretty sure they both mainline it as soon as I leave the room!)


Rina & John said...

You are ON baby!

It sounds like you are doing all the right things. Tenley looks so happy in that picture and...don't worry about the mac & cheese it is a staple in most kids diet.

As far as the about getting a dog? Our dog is a good substitute for our vacuum cleaner when food is involved. She loves "picking up" after my niece Isabella when she visits. I can let you borrow her unit we bring Annalisa home.

Good Luck!

Johnny said...

Our kiddo loves the Easy Mac as well. We have a big box from Costco of Kraft Easy Mac, as a result.

As for the passpord, you will have to surrender the CoC along with the passport application. Our surly postal workers made it clear it was mandatory. But surprisingly, it comes back in 4-6 weeks.

Mayzaboo said...

Hey- there ain't nothing wrong with mac and cheese being a staple! It's a staple in our house, and I'm the youngest at 26! :D Builds character, that mac and cheese. And I believe Tenley is quite the intelligent child, if she's already figured out the projectile food via the fan! :)