Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tenley Meets Guest Talent Friends

Today Michelle, Aunty Megan and I took Tenley over to Disney's California Adventure to meet some of the Guest Talent folks who have known about our adoption since the beginning and have been following our blog. In the picture are (L to R) Kaye, Lori, Daddy, Tenley, Shawn, Kevin, Norma, Brian and Bethany. (Look guys, you are now famous on Tenley's blog)

Tenley was very happy to meet all these new people who were very happy to meet her. She had big smiles for everyone and was really happy to see the sparkly mouse ears on Kaye's lanyard. Anything shiny will impress Tenley. Shawn was the big hit with Tenley because as a relatively new dad himself he knew all the right baby games to play with her. During this time Mr. Incredible came by to see what was going on. He came right over to Tenley and made friendly overatures, and Tenley gave him the serious fisheye. He stuck out his hand and tried to touch hers and was met with subdued hostility. Finally Tenley reached out and touched his glove and gave us the look of "If he doesn't leave soon, I'm going to scream."

Soon everyone had to get back to work and we were off to find Mulan. We found her in the Pacific Wharf area and she came right over to see Tenley. Mulan did not get the same fisheye look that Mr. Incredible got but she eyed Mulan's jade necklace with a certain sense of larceny. She was very excited and happy to see Mulan and wanted Mulan to hold her. We posed for a couple of pictures and then Mulan had to go see her other fans. As she waved goodbye we were already making jokes about Tenley thinking Mulan had come to save her from the crazy people and take her back to China.

We took her A Bug's Land and she rode a couple of the rides made for little ones and got all wet in one of the play fountains. While Michelle and Megan rode Soarin' Over California, Tenley and I watched the Block Party parade which she enjoyed tremendously. The loud music and the colorful floats kept her attention through the whole show.

After a long day we decided to make the trek back to the car and go home. She got in the car and nodded off in the first five minutes of the drive home. Tenley really enjoyed her first time at DCA and it was a good introduction to amusement parks.

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Stacey Teague said...

It is NEVER too early to take your child to the happiest place on earth!! Do you live nearby? We just had a brick installed and would LOVE a digital photo of it if you were able to do that!!!