Sunday, August 28, 2005

Green Hills Baptist Celebrates 40 Years!

Pictured at left is Jeff's Mother in a moment of pure bliss: a baby in each arm! Tenley in the right arm and Doug & Tina's cutie pie James in the left.

This fabulous moment came about because the church that Jeff and Doug grew up attending, Green Hills Baptist Church in LaHabra, was celebrating it's 40th Anniversary and had a huge reunion.

We got up early, made Tenley cute and drove 45 minutes so she could meet all these nice people who have known her Daddy since he was a small fry- and many of whom have been reading this blog! (Hello GHBC!!!)

The church crammed 300+ of it's current and former members into the sanctuary to reminicse and celebrate the last 40 years. Several people came up and shared stories about how they came to the church, one of the former pastors spoke of how the church came to be and many of the people who helped to make it a reality. David Krake played the piano, and did his late mother (Jeff's piano teacher) proud.

Jeff and Doug had a fine time visiting with all the people they hadn't seen in years and showing off their new children. After we finished visiting, we trotted off to Red Robin for some lunch before we all headed for our respective homes.

It was a big day for Tenley: today she was left alone with complete strangers for the for the first time since they handed her to us in China. Bill & Fan, whom Jeff has known for about 15 years, were working in the nursury and assured me they would take great care of her and not to worry. I assured them it was not them I was worried about. Fan promised to come and get us right away if there were any problems. I confess that I expected to see her at any second, but no! Apparently Ten did just fine and had a grand time playing with her reflection in the mirror... although she was happy to see us.

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Grandma said...

She is so cute. I have to write this on comments on the blog because Grandpa is tired of hearing me say it. But she is so cute and so is James. I am a very lucky Grandma to have been able to hold both of them at once. Tenley I miss you and will see you on your Birthday. I love you all.

Love, Mom and Grandma