Thursday, August 18, 2005

Daddy's Note

People are rude everywhere you go but nowhere are they more rude than at an amusement park. It's usually quite fun to watch people as they shove through crowds or run over people with their strollers. For most, it's not a fun experience to meet one of these rude idiots. For me, it is pure entertainment.

Tenley and I were watching the Block Party Parade minding our own business when a family walked right in front of us and the woman parked her double wide stroller right in front of Tenley. I hadn't noticed right away but I did notice when her husband said something to her that I couldn't hear. She looked over at me and then looked at Tenley and said "It doesn't matter, she's too young to care." Well that I did hear. Now it was my turn. As I shoved her massive stroller out of the way I said to her that I would decided if my child was too young to care and she could get her stupid kids out of my way!

About this time, I saw a friend of mine who is a parade lead who motioned for us to come up closer to the front. As he cleared a space for us down front I turned my head, caught the woman's attention and stuck out my tongue at her. The point had already been made so that last part was just for my fun.

She won't think twice about being rude to someone else in the future and I only hope that whoever it happens to next time will have the nerve to say something to her again.

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Sparky said...

I love that! Rude people need a good "tongue lashing" every now & then.