Tuesday, August 16, 2005

1st Portraits

Aunty Jen gave us a gift card to the Sears Portrait Studio so last Saturday we put it to good use.

Tenley becomes very solemn when she's thrust into a new environment with strangers, so this is the only shot we got of her smiling!

Despite the lack of smiles, the nice photographer still got several cute shots, and we still shucked out over $100 for pictures of our precious baby. We also signed up for their portrait club so we can go back again and again and spend hundreds more as our daughter grows ever cuter - but we won't have to pay a $15 sitting fee for 2 years!


Babygirl's parents said...

She is so cute! BTW, we have the same dress for Norah...Now I know how cute it'll look! What a great expression on Ten's face!


Donna said...

Tenley is amazingly cute! I just love her!!