Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Visit To The Park

Today when I got home from work we took Tenley to a small park that Michelle found the other day. This was a really nice little park in a very nice neighborhood close to Castleview Elementary School. It had three separate play areas, two with wood chips and one with sand. It was the standard playground of todays up and coming toddlers. In the first section was a small swing set for kids Tenley's size that will hold them in place. There were a couple of the bouncing animals on the large springs and a small playset with two slides. The second area was filled with sand and just had a large metal thing for kids to climb on and in. The third area was clearly for older kids as it had normal size swings, a tire swing, and a much larger playset with many slides, tunnels, bridges and things to climb. Tenley will probably like this one a lot more when she is older.
We put Tenley in the baby swing and gave her a good push. She didn't seem to protest but didn't know if she liked it or not. Possibly it was moving too fast or maybe she just wasn't used to that kind of movement so she didn't last too long. I sent her down the slide and Michelle was there to pick her up at the end. Well that was ok but what she really wanted to do was climb back up the slide. We took her on a few other things there and Michelle and I each had a turn on the big swings before we decided that our outing to the park was over. We will return again soon and see if she gets into it anymore.

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