Saturday, August 27, 2005

Fashion Island

Since it was supposed to hit 101 today where we live, we decided to make tracks 50 miles SW to Fashion Island in Newport Beach where it was only 80 degrees.
We used to live in Costa Mesa (which is just down the road from FI) and both Jeff and I worked at stores in the Island at one point or another, so it's a fun place to go back and visit now and then. For those who may never have visited, it's a nice open air mall built so you wander down little "streets" and there are various open areas where the mall has happenings. The open areas have fountains - my favourites are one that mimics the sound of ocean waves crashing, and another one for the kids to play in. It also has stores you'll find in every mall like Victoria's Secret and Express, and some that aren't quite as common like Betsy Johnson, Restoration Hardware, April Cornell and This Little Piggy Wears Cotton.
Tenley enjoyed being outside, and seeing all the doggies that people bring with them. We took her to the pet store, and she was very excited by the bunnies and an African Gray parrot. She also got very excited by the large koi pond at the Island, and I think she will like it more when she is walking and can get to the center platform (I also think I would be smart to bring extra clothes, as my kid is definitely the kind that would take a header into the pond while trying to pet/catch the fish!). We ended the day with a ride on the carousel, which Daddy got a picture of while Tenley stoicly waited for the ride to begin.
And then, worn out from the excitement of the day, she slept all the way home.

PS: Each year FI hosts Project Playhouse: a great event where architects create children's playhouses that are works of art which are then auctioned off to help build and renovate transitional homeless shelters in Orange County, CA. For a schedule of when you can view and tour and bid on the playhouses, visit and click on "Events". For more information on Project Playhouse, please visit

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