Sunday, June 05, 2005

We Don't Do The "Family Bed" Thing

...That means that Tenley has to have her own room. And that means that Jeff's office/ Michelle's junk room had to go away. We knew this last July, but we started working on it last week.

We were told by friends with children that we had to pick a "theme" for the nursury, so our theme is "Auspicious Purple", which the same friends have told us is not actually a theme.
Actually, we downgraded purple to "Lilac Whisper" with Asian accents.

It took us a week to clear all of our junk out (and we still don't know where to put all of it), and we spent Friday and Saturday night painting. This morning we pulled off the blue tape and admired our results- we also put in a window fan to suck out all of the noxious paint fumes.

Michelle had been kevetching to Tina about the pesky $60 delivery fee for the furniture, so Tina happily volunteered Doug and their truck to come help us fetch and assemble the crib and combo unit. We did have a moment of bitterness in the Babies R Us parking lot when it looked like both pieces weren't going to fit in Doug's truck and we were going to have to ask our friends to make 2 trips, but Michelle suspicioned that the combo unit would fit in her CRV, and fortunately she was right!

After a couple hours of grunting, banging and swearing Tenley's furniture was finally assembled! We moved it into position, and the cats all came streaking in to check it out. Everyone sniffed the place all over, rolled on the carpet, admired the view from the top of the dresser and the book cubbies, and curled up in the crib.

We ended the day by starting to fill Tenley's cubbies with all the age-appropriate toys and books we've collected and received as gifts over the past year. Almost the only thing missing from the room now is her.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say my hubby and I are waiting on our TA and our very own "Lilac Whisper" room is still in a state of flux. Good to know others are just as likely to procrastinate as we are. Of course, I think part of it is not wanting to have this wonderful room set up without a little one in it!