Thursday, June 30, 2005

Tenley's Day In

Tenley napping again.

Today while Mommy went to visit the orphanage with the other group members, Tenley stayed with me in the hotel. She had a bit of an upset tummy yesterday which manifested itself in her diaper several times so we decided that a four hour bus ride (each way) was not going to be good for Tenley and the other passengers if this little problem continued. The picture above is her latest nap. She has napped quite a bit of the day. She eats, naps, we play hard then she naps again, then she eats get the idea. We have tried three times to go out for a walk over to the park again but everytime we try it starts pouring rain. The third time we at least got around the block close to the back entrance to the hotel before it started raining on us that time. So much for outdoors.
She is becoming more and more comfortable with us and it shows in the amount of giggling that occurs when we play. She loves to be flown around the room and dumped into the soft feather pillows on the bed. She is scooting everywhere and is just about ready to crawl. Her tooth finally broke through and is just poking up enough to see now. No more chewing on my fingers now! Now she tries to amputate whatever goes in her mouth.
She is a very happy baby and loves to tell us all about her life. She just looks at us and babbles like she is telling us the best story. She cracks herself up when she is talking to her toys. Of course the keys are the favorite but she likes to talk to the sea horse with teething rings on it too! She is quite the character.
Hopefully when Mommy comes home tonight we will have some interesting information about Tenley's life at the orphanage before us. Stay Tuned!

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