Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sneaky Chinese Night Visitor

Chinese Mouse
Posted by Zeus

So there we were, sleeping the sleep of the righteous. Next thing I know Michelle's mom hearing kicked in and she was up with a flashlight going through our suitcases. As it was 4:50am I decided that I should inquire about her strange activities. She said she heard something crinkling around our luggage. I listened but didn't hear anything. She tossed a few items around and then called it quits and came back to bed.
Well that did it for me. Something moving in my room?? No sleep was happening for me anymore. What if it was a snake? What if it was a scorpion? Whatever it was one thing was true, the monster had to leave. I only paid for three people in this room and another mouth to feed was out of the question. Especially since that mouth would likely be feeding on me while I was asleep.
I kept listening. Of course now every little sound caught my attention. First it was by the TV then it was by the Suitcases then it was by the sofa. I sat up to take full advantage of my range of hearing when I heard it behind me. Well, I couldn't get out of that bed fast enough! I grabbed the flashlight and started looking around. Of course this woke Michelle back up. We turned on the lights and I moved the night stand and out popped this cute little furry Chinese mouse.
Well, I was relieved. No snake, no scorpion and not very monstrous I might add. But very, very cute. Michelle lept into action grabbing the camera. I had to coax the little guy out again and this time he walked closer to us. Michelle snapped a pic or two and I caught him in the trash can. I was already to call housekeeping to evict the unpaid tenant when Michelle said "No, they'll kill him!" Next thing I know she was offering that mouse some food. If it was up to her we would build an in-room habitrail for the monster and he would become Tenley's first pet.
We compromised and decided to take the mouse out to the garden for a quick early morning release. We picked a lovely spot by the pogoda in the central area of the garden. Lots of grass to play in, bushes to hide in and most importantly wide open spaces nowhere near my room.
Having performed our good deed for the day we walked happily back to our room already remembering fondly the sneaky Chinese night visitor.


Barbara Park said...

Mice in the rooms and squatty potties, I do not believe I will be traveling to China any time soon. It was fun to read about, but not to live it. Happy Birthday Jeff. We love you lots. Mom and Dad
PS: Be sure and give Tenley a big Hug and Kiss from Grandma and Grandpa.

Beeps, The Smudge, & The Hobester said...

You caught him the let him go?!?!? You found us the perfect souvenir/toy/late night snack, and you let him go?!? Gee, Thanks Mom & Dad. Let us guess? You found us souvenir T-shirts instead. When we're not napping we occasionaly think we might be missing you. Your Cats

Anonymous said...

It's a sign: across the ocean, around the globe, till the end of days, The Rodentia will follow you.