Wednesday, June 22, 2005

We Are Outa Here

Now THIS is a stork!
Posted by Zeus

We finally left. After the disaster last Thursday, we bought actual tickets and headed off to LAX on Monday night for our 1:20 am Tuesday flight that would finally get us to China.

Our check in at the Bradley terminal went pretty smoothly- Jeff was trotted off to have the bags double x-rayed while I checked us in at EVA. No problems.

EVA (like most airlines) has a nice little lounge for it 1st & Business Class passengers, so we went upstairs to enjoy to comfy chairs & complementary snacks for the hour & a half before boarding. When it was our turn, we trooped back downstairs and made our way down the jetway to our stork. It was then that I was gifted with the realization of a tiny fantasy in my life: I got to sit in the dome on the top of the 747. The upstairs on the big plane has always been some kind of cool mystery to me, and I was at long last rewarded with a seat in it!

Our seats were farly large with footrests and a pretty good recline ratio. What was really nice was the extra long feather pillows and down blankets that came with our seats! Not to mention the slippers and the little goody bag from L'Occitane with lotion, lipbalm, a toothbrush & paste, hairbrush, and fluffy velour eyeshades. Jeff more than had enough leg room, but you still had to climb over the asile person if you were sitting on the window. As soon as we were in the air the flight attendants began serving dinner (which we had pre-ordered on line...and we were pleasantly surprised that they had our order correct!)...dinner took about 2 hours for 3 courses and 2 hot towels, and as soon as it was over everyone went to sleep...except me. I was the lone reading light in the entire dome. I read about 1/2 a book and the got up to stretch and ended up talking in the galley to Aries and Happely the flight attendants for the next 3 hours. Eventually I decided to nap too, and I curled up under the down blanket until Jeff woke me at the 2-hours-to -go-time-for-breakfast mark. The flight attendants asked if we would fill out surveys and say nice things about them- which we did- and then they gifted us with a bottle of Dom Peringnon as a celebration of our adoption!

All in all it was a good flight! The seats were comfy and the food was tasty and miracle of all miracles: Jeff slept for almost 6 hours!

We landed in Taiwan at 5:30 am- the long part of the journey to China at an end.

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