Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tenley's First Night With Us

After we got back to the hotel yesterday Tenley was still ok for awhile. We stripped her out of the outfit she was wearing that was 2 sizes too big, and wiped her down with a baby wipe because she was dirty, smelly and sweaty.
We examined her all over- she's a long skinny little thing, with long narrow feet just like her Mom! Her back- and her entire butt -are covered with Mongolian Spots: these are the things that cause parents to exclaim "My kid is covered in bruises!", but they really aren't -they're a birthmark that's common among Asians that is a bluish balck color and each one is almost perfectly round and they will fade away with time. She has a flat spot on her head from the position she sleeps in. One of the grandmothers traveling with the group has told us to rub her head on a circular motion a couple of time a day and she swears it will round right out since their skull bones don't fuse until 16 months. After examining her thoroughly, we changed her diaper and with that she nodded off right in the middle of our bed.
Tenley napped and we ordered room service, which we dove into like a pack of wild wolves. We both took showers, read our books, blogged and generally just hung out...for 3 hours! When she finally woke up she was a happy baby again. Still unsure of us. We tried to feed her and she ate a little. We put her on the floor and she played with her Stacking Cups and mostly she just wanted someone to hold her and tell her everything was going to be alright. She was in a strange place with strange people and strange sounds. Finally it was around 11:30pm when I told Michelle to go to bed and I would put Tenley to sleep. So she and I walked the floor a little while she tried to go to sleep. She just didn't want to miss anything. God knows she might wake up in yet another strange place. She finally was out. I did the arm drop test and it flopped like a jelly fish. I put her down in her crib and was just to the other side of the room when Michelle (Whose nose was stuffed all day) began snoring loudly. That did it. Tenley was back up saying what's going on? All it took was a reassuring touch on her tummy and she was back to sleep in a moment. It was really cute. She slept from about midnight all the way until 8am this morning. Then it was time for a bath!

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