Monday, June 13, 2005

Packing Hell

Who knew that a little person could need so much stuff? Apparently, not us. Michelle is packing us for this trip. I am not allowed to pack as I have routinely end up at our destination one too many times without pants, a belt, shoes, etc. Therefore, I have been banned from the packing duties. FOREVER!

Michelle is racing around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to pack for three people, one of whom she doesn't know and hasn't seen. What sizes to pack, how many diapers to take, a variety of bottles were up for discussion and don't get me started on the clothes. There was a pile of clothes and diapers on one part of the floor, bottles, nipples and sippy cups on another part of the floor and the cats were loving it. So much to see, smell and play with! They were in heaven.

At one point Beeps' (our little cat) life was in jeopardy due to the fact that she had removed a package of diapers from the suitcase, dragged them into the hall and began killing them. As if that wasn't enough, apparently a box of Cherrios was evil and had to be dealt with kitty style and 3am. The more Michelle packed the more Beeps unpacked.

There was also a point during the packing when I asked Michelle if she secretly had a medical degree as she resembled a walking pharmacy. Michelle replied that all LeDuc women believe that they are a doctor or at the very least as smart as any doctor. We have enough drugs for any ten people. No ailment can stand in our way on this trip. Viruses beware!

So we are a few days away from leaving and Michelle carries on the packing duties. Me, I continue to wander around looking at things that need to be put away and thinking I'll get to it later.

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