Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Pool Time Today

Pool Time

After we came back from shopping, Tenley had a little liquid lunch then Michelle and I had some lunch. I was going to go with a few other people in our group in search of a cheap laundry place so I took Tenley with me so Michelle could have some alone time. The whole laundry thing turned into an hour or more out in the blast furnace heat and Tenley was so overheated by the time we got back it was time for the pool.

Being from on orphanage, the largest body of water Tenley has been in was our bathtub in the hotel room. She doesn't seem to mind that so we thought the pool would be like a big bathtub. Turns out she loves the water. At first we put her in the floating whale thing, shown above, and pushed her around. Then I lifted her out and held her with me and then the real splashing began. She got so into the water that she started talking to us all about it. Baby speak but we got the idea that she liked it. Hopefully we have added another waterbaby to our family and she will spend many days in water with us having fun.

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Barbara Park said...

Good idea, get her use to water right away. She will never have to be afraid of it. How fun too. Grandma loves you Tenley and I am counting the days until you come home. Love, Mom