Thursday, June 02, 2005

We Are Clear For Launch!

Today, the cheerful ringing of Michelle's cell phone at 11:01am PDT with the 626 area code on the caller ID brought our 3rd call. We are clear for travel. The official group departure date is June 24th. Michelle and I will be leaving on June 16th to spend a week in Beijing before meeting up with the group on June 26 in Guangzhou.

Michelle made a fabulous connection with a Canadian school teacher who lives in Beijing and who, coincidentally, is an adoptive mother herself. She and Michelle have been trading emails for a while now about what to do and see while in Beijing. She then introduced Michelle to another school teacher who is leaving on vacation for the summer and needed someone to stay at her apartment and look after her cat. Funny, we will be in Beijing and we love cats. It all worked out and now we have a place to stay for our week in Beijing.

When we get to Guangzhou we will be staying at the China Hotel by Marriott with the rest of our adoption group. Since Tenley is from Guangzhou we will never have to leave the area. Some of our group will be traveling to Chengdu to get their daughters. They will be away for about a week and then meet up with us around the first of July.

It looks like our "Gotcha" day will be June 27th. We will get our daughter at the Civil Affairs office in Guangzhou. Our return day is July 9th so Tenley will be celebrating her first 4th of July, along with the rest of us, in China. Mongolian BBQ and fireworks for everyone!!

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