Monday, December 26, 2005

Tenley's 1st Christmas

Having no nap and then staying up well past 10 on Christmas Eve playing with her new Dance Bandstand, making Elmo say her name, and cuddling her newest stuffed animals she finally dropped over and slept the sleep of the dead until almost 9 on Christmas morning, so it was a good thing Jeff's parents were running a little late for breakfast.

After they arrived, we had eggs, bacon, apples and gingerbread waffles and then settled down in the living room for some serious wrapping paper shredding. Tenley has mastered the art of tissue paper removal and destruction, but she still needs some help with the wrapping paper. Eventually she shredded her way to a Little Touch Leap Pad, a Fridge Farm, Peek a Blocks, and a whole raft of other goodies. Jeff's grandparents made a very generous gift to his parents and to us (and the rest of the family members) that we were all very surprised and overwhelmed with. Soon it was over and his parents left us to race to LaHabra to see Beth & her new husband Bill; and Tenley and I settled into naps while Jeff did the dishes and watched Scrooged.

We got a call from my Mom at 3 to tell us that she wasn't feeling well at all, and to ask if we would kindly take her gifts and apologies to the family celebration that evening. We were happy to oblige, and while we were sorry she wasn't going, she was happy that she got to see Ten in her Christmas dress.

We trouped over to Jason & Ruthann's house for grazing and gifting. It was a very thin year since Jennifer, Todd & Jeffrey were in Missouri, Mom was sick, and Colin & Lynae were no-shows. In truth, this meant that the gift exchange went really quickly and we all returned to grazing and watching the floor show... which was Tenley.

Tenley got adorable clothes and great toys, and Jeff and I got really generous spa treatments, a cool candle holder, and these really neat table mats that Betsy quilted for us! Ten had a great time toddling all over the house, playing with Emma, and trying all the food.

At last it was 10 and our little fortune cookie was getting a bit stale. So we took our fabulous loot (thanks everybody) home and fell into bed. Tenley's first Christmas finally at an end.

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Karen said...

What a gorgeous picture! She looks so happy.