Thursday, December 15, 2005


This is a bath toy Octopus which can tell you if the water is too hot by changing color on the bottom and spelling the word HOT. It never really worked that well. In fact if the water was slightly warmer than say 68 degrees it screamed HOT. However, the other day it served another purpose. This little blue toy was the cause of Tenley's first word...Ocapus.

She has said Mama and Dada for a while now and she knows how to associate them to us. But while taking a bath the other night I grabbed the toy and said Octopus. Tenley smiled, reached out for it and said "Ocapus". At first I thought I was hearing things but then she repeated it several times. Sometimes with a prompt from me saying the word first and some by herself when she was pointing at it. I was so excited. My baby speaks and it's English. Thank God! Not that I was worried, mind you, but many people have asked what we would do when she started speaking Chinese. Silly people, my kid is a genius and she knows English.

Now she says Ocapus quite well. Other words will soon follow and then I'm sure she'll never be quiet again.


Katja said...

That is one useful little toy. It is a very cute first word (besides Mum and Dad). When I was little, my Mum always made me say really difficult words like "Rhododendron" or "Karl-Heinz Rummenige" (I am German btw!)

Donna said...

Cute! Gwen's been pointing at random objects and saying some weird thing for a couple of months that sounded like "spurtidy" and we finally figured out that she was pointing and saying "pretty"!

Congratulations on figuring out "ocapus" so much quicker than we could have! It remings me of Shana's little Sophie who kept pointing at the cat and saying "Genco" and finally mommy realized that she was saying "gentle" because they always say that when she gets near the kitty. I'm waiting for Gwen to think our kitty's name is "Nice".

Give that little girl a hug from her USAA Auntie up here in Nor Cal.

Mom to Gwen of Shenzhen!

Grandma said...

My Baby talks. Will she say Grandma next. It is too much to hope for, but I know it will come soon. Way to go Tenley. I love you so much and I wish I could be with you right now. I will see you in about a week and I can hardly wait for Christmas. Love, Grandma