Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Tenley and I went to my Grandpa's (Tenley's Great-Grandpa) house for a family get together. Tenley had a blast running all over the back yard and picking up oranges that had fallen out of the tree. After she had picked up all of the oranges she made several people pick her up so she could grab them right out of the tree. Soon she found the grapefruit tree and was delighted that it was her size. Still just out of her reach but next year those grapefruit are all hers.

We had lunch and Tenley enjoyed turkey, ham, roast beef, bread, broccoli, potatos and cookies. She ate like a champ and then was ready to resume her terrorizing of the backyard. She only stopped long enough to open some presents. She got several very nice things that she liked a lot. However, nothing could compare with the oranges that were all over the backyard thanks to Tenley. After a few hours of visiting and no napping, it was time to go home and get ready for Christmas Eve happenings with Grandma Suzie.

Tenley had no nap today and was way over tired but she managed to press on to open more presents, have dinner and open yet more presents. We had a very enjoyable evening with Grandma Suzie and the presents were plentiful. Tenley enjoyed herself immensely with wrapping paper and tissue paper. The presents were ok but the wrapping and boxes were best. All in all, a very nice way to start Tenley's first Christmas.

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