Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Aunty Beth Gets Married

Friday was a big day in the Park family: Jeff's sister Elizabeth married her boyfriend Bill. We knew they were going to married, the question was simply when. As soon as Beth had that rock on her finger, she wasted no time in setting a date and getting the wedding plans underway!

We had to be in La Habra at Green Hills Baptist Church at 4 for pictures, and the freeways were mercifully moving at a decent speed, despite the hour of day and the sky's threatining clouds. Pictures went well: the bride was lovely, the flowers were perky, the candles were filckering, and no one was having a meltdown.

Joyfully, Beth followed my request to perish the very thought of Tenley as a flower girl from her mind. While I'm sure she could have walked down the aisle, it was more likely that she would have stopped halfway to sit down and eat the flowers she was carrying. Instead, she just had to show up and be cute for pictures (which she did), and then spent her time toddling up and down the aisles of the church and climbing the steps to the sanctuary. The church nursury opened at 6:30, and Jeff and I cheerfully deposited her in it so we could go mingle with adults and enjoy the wedding in peace. Tenley wasn't sorry to see us go- the nursury was full of toys and a playstructure to climb on...and there were other kids!

The ceremony took 35ish minutes; and having promised to pray for the couple, prayed with the couple, witnessed the vows, and withnessed the couple staring lovingly into each other's eyes for 3 minutes while the soloist finished the song for the lighting of the unity candle (which took 30 seconds), there was a kiss and we adjourned to the Hall for the reception.

The reception was a junk food fantasy: there was coffee & punch to go with the ice cream, pie, chocolate fountains, cheese & crackers, and the cupcake tower that was erected in lieu of a traditional wedding cake. Yummy!! Jeff enjoyed milling around talking to various church members that he hadn't seen in awhile (he and Beth grew up attending GHBC), and I sat and chatted with Grandpa and Uncle Albert & Aunt Betty who live in AZ and who I am always delighted to see. Eventually someone came and found Jeff and told him that the nice girl staffing the nursury would like to go home, so he went and got Ten. Ten then toddled around the reception, met lots of people who read this blog, and had a fine time checking out the lights on the Christmas trees and the shiny balls that were used as decorations.

At last it was time for the couple to make an exit, so we blew bubbles at them and they drove off into the rain and their new life together. Then we drove off into the rain, and a well deserved sleep.

See more of Beth's Wedding pictures at www.jeffandmichelle.net!

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