Saturday, December 17, 2005

1st Haircut!

Aunty Meg requested to spend a day with her niece, so we set up Tuesday. Daddy dragged Tenley out of bed and into playclothes and dropped her off at Aunty Meg’s around 8ish.

They had breakfast, took a nice stroll around the neighborhood, toddled all over the front and back lawns, picked lemons, was harassed by the pointy little dog, and completely exhausted by the time it was lunch. She ate lunch, and desperately needed a nap, but was unwilling to give in to the sleep. At one point she backed herself against a wall, grabbed her lovey and looked all around her before piteously saying “maaamaaa” like “Mama, where are you??” There was no help for it- a ride in the car was going to be required.

Fortunately, Meg needed to pick up some things at BaNana Beeps’ house, which was a nice 15-20 minute drive away...and since Tenley was asleep before they got out of Meg’s tract, she just drove around a little before heading to her destination. Beeps was delighted to see them, and they headed off together to achieve Meg’s one goal for the day: a haircut for Tenley.

Beeps stylist was able to take them as walk-ins and didn’t even charge them! Tenley sat on Meg’s lap, and the nice stylist evened up the sides and back so that it will start growing in as a neat bob. Tenley sat very still and patiently (surprise!!), Beeps took pictures, and Meg had them save some of her baby hair in a little bag for me. Afterwards they went to the mall for some Christmas shopping and some Cinnabon sticks as a treat.

Daddy picked her up at 5:15, and I called Meg to make sure she and the house were still in tact. They were, but Aunty Lisa was disappointed that she didn’t get home from work in time to play with Ten.

It was a really good busy day for a 15 month old! Ten did very well considering that this was the first time she has spent a whole day without Jeff or I ! Meg said she was only a little fussy, and that was because she was sooooo tired and desperately needed a nap.

Meg’s highlights of the day: Tenley coming over to her raising her arms and saying “Egg Ub!” (Meg Up!) and Ten falling asleep on her shoulder in the mall after her haircut.

And here is what prompted the only phone call to me all day:
When Meg’s Mom died last February, Meg expressed her hope that her Mom “got where she was supposed to go”. I shook my head and told her that I knew exactly where my Aunt was: sitting next to a crib in China watching over my baby. Meg nodded, and smiled through her tears and agreed that that would doubtless be where her Mother was, and I no longer needed to worry about my future daughter.
Fast forward ten months: Ten is at Meg’s house toddling around the living room and she walked over to a table and picked up a picture of my Aunt and carried it over to Meg held up the photo, pointed at Meg, smiled and said “Mama!” She would pat my Aunt’s image and then touch Meg’s nose and say “Mama”. She knew. Maybe it was coincidence, but in my heart I believe that she knew exactly who that was, and she wanted Meg to know that she knew her.


Lisa and Tate said...

I believe that our babies waiting for us in China have guardian angels watching over them....I like to think that it is a loved one who has passed on....The story of Ten and Meg's mom just brought shivers to me!!!! What a great story!!!!


One Lucky Mom said...

She knew! That is so cool. I sent my brother, Uncle Mike with Angel Wings, to wrap my girls with love while we waited for them and both have some of his traits. I know our loved ones "travel" ahead of us.