Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Day of Bliss

Tuesday was a day of pure bliss for me. I took a Temazapam on Monday night, and in the morning I slept peacefully through Jeff’s morning routine, which on this day included rousing Tenley and depositing her and the bags I had prepared at Aunty Meg’s for the day.

I didn’t wake up until after 10 am. I had 2 whole cups of coffee while sitting down, as opposed to the ½ of one I usually get as I run around after Tenley. I ate a bannana and a bowl of cereal with dried fruit...and I didn’t have to share. It was heaven, and if I’d had the paper it would have been nirvana.

I’d like to say that I spent the rest of the day laying on the couch watching movies and eating ice cream, but I actually did something that made me feel even better: I cleaned my living room. It was a disaster, and Tenley doesn’t allow your attention to wander from her long enough to get any real picking up and cleaning done. She’s also terrified of the vaccume, so this was a prime time for some tlc for the abused carpets in the living room and her room. I also got her room picked up (she’s very into her board books, and yanks them off the shelf, carries them around, and then strews them all over the floor).

While most of my days go by pretty slowly, this one just flew. Before I knew it it was 5 o’clock and Jeff was off work and on his way to pick up the little fortune cookie.

Don’t get me wrong: I love my daughter, and I enjoy being home with her and seeing all of the little milestones she hits. But it was really nice not to run the second I got out of bed, to feel like I accomplished something (with visible results), and not to know what the letter of the day was on Sesame Street and where Dora went. It was like looking at a photograph of my pre-Mommy life, and reliving its memory for one brief sweet moment.

Tenley had a very exciting day on to hear about it!


Gracencameronsmomy said...

I can't imagine a WHOLE day without kids, and you cleaned??? I guess it has to be done...I'm glad you enjoyed your day off!

Kristin said...

nicely done Michelle!
oh, how I LONG for one of those days..

Kristin fromG93