Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween...Now & Then

If you had been hanging out with Jeff and I seven years ago on October 31, 1998; this is what you would have seen. The bride wore Converse hi-tops, the wedding cake was Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, and the minister had vampire fangs. No, our colors were not black & orange, and no- we're not Satanists...it was the only day our site was available. The fact that it was Halloween meant that there were no children at our wedding (which was the plan), it was really easy to get a florist and a caterer, and everyone (particularly gift-giving relatives) remembers our anniversary.

We've had some really great anniversaries, and some not so great ones. There have been 2 cruises, a dinner at the Chart House, a disastrous night in a cabin in Lake Arrowhead, one we can't remember, and last year was spent packing wildly for a 10 day trip to London which began on Nov 1.

Now, if you'd been hanging out with us this year on Lucky Anniversary #7, this is what you would have seen:

Yep, it's our sublime bovine mugging for the camera at Grandma Susie's house before she begins Trick-or-Treating on her 1st Halloween. We actually took her to the Baptist church down the street (look Grandma Barbara- we took her to church!) where they were having a Halloween carnival and a "Trunk-or-Treat" where the church members decorate their open trunks and hand out candy in the parking lot. Tenley enjoyed looking at all the kids and adults dressed in their costumes, met a couple of nice dogs, and danced to the Christian rock the DJ was blaring.

Afterwards we went to Ruby's (Jeff's favourite) for milkshakes and burgers. We stopped into Barnes and Noble to look for a Thanksgiving book for Ten, but there were none suitable. Although, she was really into "The Story of Kawanzaa" (we have no idea why- she kept turning the pages, pointing to the pictures, and talking to the book) and we had quite a time getting her to put it down. At bedtime we tried to read the Care Bears Halloween book that Aunty Jen & Uncle Todd sent her (thanks guys!!) but mostly Tenely just wanted to eat it. We decided she had enough fiber in her diet, and put it away for next year.

The funny thing is that when Jeff and I got married, countless people told us how stupid we were to get married on Halloween because when we had kids we'd spend every anniversary trick-or-treating or at some dumb Halloween party and we'd hate it. But honestly, I had a great time last night. Holidays are great when seen through the eyes of a child- even one as young as Tenely who doesn't quite know what's going on yet. And I suppose that if you feel like your anniversary is the 1 night of the year you must have romantic alone time with your spouse, then I can see why it would be dumb to get married on Halloween...but Jeff and I cuddle on the couch and watch TV or read books at night after Tenley goes to sleep; and tomorrow night Tenley will hang out at Camp Gutjahr while we go see Garrison Keilor...I guess it really comes down to the fact that we celebrate our marriage (and each other) all the time, so giving up the actual day for a few years is no big deal...and childhood is so fleeting- it won't be long before Tenley is going to Halloween sleepovers at her friends house to paint her nails & gossip about boys... I think we'll enjoy every minute of it while we can.


Grandma said...

Way to go my little Halloween Cow. I am happy that your mommy and daddy took you to church for Halloween. I am sure that it was a safe place to go for your first Halloween. Wish you could have come to my house. Destiny and Delanie were here and we had fun giving out candy and seeing all the kids dressed up. Then Grandpa took them Trick or Treating and their parents tagged along while I stayed here to give out more candy. It was a fun night. Happy 7th Anniversary Jeff and Michelle. We love you all very much. Love, Grandma (Mom)

Our Journey to Faith said...

Tenley is soooo cute!

Donna said...

I would have been honored to spend either of these exciting days with you and your family! Tenley has never been cuter!

Carrie said...

What a grin!!!!