Monday, October 31, 2005

Party'n With the Grown Ups

Here's Tenley in the tub modeling the "Queen Amidala" hair-do that Jeff gave her while she scrubbed up before party time.

We made the trek to Granada Hills on Sat. night to see our friends Darrin & Heather and celebrate Heather's big 3-0. As much fun as it was for us to see Darrin & Heather and some extended friends, I think Tenley had an even better time toddling all over their beautiful new hardwood floors, playing with Allie the Dog, and coveting Heather's large shiny birthday balloon boquet. She apparently decided that Heather is a good cook, and scarfed down 5 mini quiches, 4 meatballs, cheese and half a cupcake.

Darrin & Heather had decorated and Tenley had a grand time ignoring the toys we brought for her and instead choosing to beat on the big pumpkin, throw the tiny pumpkins, try to get the cling-on bloody footprints off the floor, beg for food from other party guests, and smile winningly at people so they would pick her up and take her over to play with the balloons. Fortunately, several other guests were also parents and were therefore very understanding. The only bummer was that all the other parents were using this as date night, so we had the only crumb cruncher in attendance.

The party was great, and Ten was really well behaved. She stayed up until 10:30 when we said goodbye, and then fell right to sleep in the car on the long drive home. It was fun to see Darrin again...and I can't believe Heather is 30!!! Hopefully we'll get to see them again before next year!

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