Friday, November 11, 2005

Last Weekend

It's the Chick-fil-a Cow!!
We found this poor holstein dancing around on Foothill Blvd. last Friday when we popped over to Victoria Gardens to get the cake mix Jeff was lusting for. We just had to get a picture!!

Since Tenley has another big weekend coming up, I guess I should talk about last weekend!

As though she knew we had somewhere to be in the morning, last Friday Tenley decided to pass on her 9:30 bedtime and stay up until 12:30. Of course because she stayed up late she also slept in, leaving me with only enough time to get her up, feed her and get her dressed and out the door. Except that the little pee monster had overloaded her diaper and her pj’s, sheet and herself were soaked and stinky. So much for breakfast- bath time instead!

Our destination was Mary’s baby shower at Jen’s house, which was fine with Tenley because there was food to devour and stairs to climb. So my agenda for the day became: follow the kid up the stairs, carry the kid down the stairs, stuff in a couple bites of fruit- repeat. We eventually distracted her from the stairs, and she toddled happily about visiting with everybody, and cruising by mom for food. She was thankfully in a good mood until the very end when she began to get cranky having played hard and been charming for 5 hours with no nap. Her highlights of the day included playing with the Big-Sis-To-Be Emma in the back yard and discovering rose petals and bark chips, climbing the stairs, and sampling the yummy cake.

At the end of the shower we decided to get the rest of the extended family and go out for dinner. So I dropped Meg at her house, and went home to change Tenley& I’s clothes and collect Jeff who was just back from an MMD shift at Disneyland. Amazingly Ooka, the local hibachi place, could accommodate a reservation for 14 at the last minute on a Sat night! Unfortunately, Tenley had only had a piddly hour long nap in the car on the way home from Jen’s, and she couldn’t really accommodate staying up and in a good mood long enough for us to eat. However, my totally fabulous husband was also a little tired and happily handed me my wallet, cell phone, and a wad of cash and took the little fortune cookie home leaving me to have drinks and dinner with grown-ups!!

Sunday was another first for Tenley- it was her first SSC lunch. The Secret Squirrel Club was started when we all worked for an employer we all universally disliked. Our SSC lunches were a great escape, and after we all moved on we just continued to get together every month or so to catch up.

There were only 4 Squirrels at this lunch- the 4 with kids! This was the first chance Kristen & Amy had to meet Tenley; and Kristen, Tracy, & I’s first chance to meet Amy’s cutie pie Cody who was born while we were in China. Tenley and Natalie seemed to enjoy seeing each other again...and it’s always interesting to see how alike and different they are since they’re only 3 weeks apart! The only bummer to the whole lunch was finding out that (another squirrel) Susie’s husband Mike had passed away. Mike was a great guy, and I’m still stunned to think that he’s gone.

All in all a good action packed weekend, and Tenley received constant input- which is the way she likes it. Stay tuned- we have another busy weekend starting tomorrow!!

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