Saturday, November 12, 2005

Celebratin' With Vikki & Kipp

Tenley's big day on Saturday was spent at our friends Don & Betsy's house at a little shindig celebrating the engagement of their daughter Vikki & her boyfriend (now fiancee) Kipp. An engagement party may not sound like a big deal, but our little extended family is incapable of throwing a party lasting less than 6 hours and hosting less than 30 people. To a 14 month old, that is alot of excitement.

The day didn't actually start the way I wanted, because little miss busy pants woke up waaay earlier than I expected/wanted her to. I was grateful Jeff hadn't left for his shift at Disney yet, because we were able to trade off entertaining Ten while we got ourselves and her ready. The big problem was that Ten was going to be ready for a nap just about the time we were supposed to be arriving at D&B's to help finish setting up the festivities.

If their house had been a mile further, she would have been asleep when we arrived, but she was only heavy lidded and in true Tenley form, she perked right up as soon as she realized we were somewhere new and that there were kitties to chase.

Ten had a great time toddling all over the house, climbing the stairs, and introducing herself to everyone that came through the door. As usual she ate like a horse: 4 mini quiche, a slice of turkey, 2 slices of marble pound cake, 2 cubes of cheese, and 4 apple slices. However, with all that activity and food, the lack of nap was becoming apparent in her steadily decreased attention span and increased level of crank. She wanted to nap, and she would grab her lovey and put her head on my shoulder, but she just couldn't give over to it and after only a moment she would pick her head back up and look around again. Fortunately, at that moment Bumpa Don wandered into the den to see what Aunty Meg, Ten & I were up to. Tenley trotted right over to him and demanded to be picked up. She giggled at him and then stuck her thumb in her mouth and put her head on his shoulder. I tossed him the lovey. 5 minutes later my kid was dead asleep and we laid her on her quilt, and I went out to party and have conversation with real adults!!! Way to go Bumpa Don- you're my hero!

I had a fine time chatting with other grown-ups and even got a snack, a slice of cake, and 2 glasses of sangria before I heard a piteous wail and and a muffled pounding on the door of the den. Poor Tenley had woken up in a strange place all by herself and was a little upset. She calmed right down, and chased away her sorrows with another piece of pound cake and 2 more apples.

Mostly she loved being outside in D & B's backyard. Kipp's nephew Aidian was out playing in the grass, and Tenley was darned if she was going to let him have all the fun...and besides he's a boy: shouldn't he have been paying attention and adoring her? Don't all boys? She crawled around on the grass, toddled around the patio (hoping someone would share their mimosa), chased and pet Dinah the cat, and loved ringing the windchimes.

I think my favourite moment was when Cousin Caleb came and had brought his Thomas the Train toys. Now Caleb loves Thomas (even more than Bob the Builder) and like all good almost 3 year olds, he has no intention of sharing- especially not his prized possessions. Tenley of course, has no clue what Thomas is, and lives by the Toddler's Creed of "if I can see it, it's mine." Lynae, Caleb's mom, tried valliently to convince him that it was ok to share, and that Tenley wouldn't take his Thomas toys, but he was having none of it. As soon as she would come near he would throw his entire body over the track and cars to keep her from getting near it. Tenley tried to lure him away by batting her eyes at Colin, Caleb's dad, and eating all Caleb's snacks. Caleb was undeterred. Eventually he was lured into the house for a snack and potty...and then Tenley struck. She ran to the footstool where Caleb's railroad empire was being built, grabbed two pieces of track and went running down the patio waving one in each hand. It took five minutes for me to stop laughing long enough to go retrieve the snatched track.

We made it to the opening of the gifts, but by then Tenley was toast, and it was time to go. My little social butterfly seemed to have a great time, and had definately enjoyed being picked up and carried around by everyone. She was in a good mood for the whole 8 hours we were there, and had no meltdowns...just a little whiny when she got tired. I'm so proud of her for being such a trooper, and so happy to see her recognizing and bonding to the members of my family.

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