Friday, November 04, 2005

Sweet Tooth

Here's our little sweetie enjoying a cotton candy flavored Dum-dum surrounded by a small bit of her Halloween haul. Fortunately, the Dum-dum is the only thing she's had. Jeff and I are helping out by disposing of the Twix, Snickers & Tootise Rolls (my fave), and the girls in Jeff's office are doing their share with the M&M's, Starburst, Butterfinger, etc.

And here's your laugh for the day:

All I have to say is that if either of these guys ever shows up to take Tenley out, she's not goin'!

...and make sure your sound is on.


Donna said...

Hee hee... I've seen that video and it's hillarious!

I'm jealous of Tenley's halloween haul. Gwen didn't go (too young? Maybe not!) and Michael didn't go because he's finally too old! Bottom line: No snack size snickers for mom! :::sniffle:::

Carrie said...

It's good to know that teenage boys are goofballs all around the world

Karen said...

But the one in the back is kind of cute, he has that look to him that reminds me of Mickey from the Monkeys.

LOL did you notice that their roommate is in the background playing computer games and not even paying attention to them at this point??