Monday, October 31, 2005

Date Night

Friday was "date night" to celebrate our anniversary a little early. We left the little fortune cookie with Grandma Susie, along with our condolences, because she had refused to have a nap and was rather cranky.

Jeff and I trotted off to the Pechanga Indain Casino & Resort in Temecula to see 12 Girls Band in concert. We left a little later than we wanted to, and while we had little traffic and no trouble finding Pechanga, it meant that we had no time to have a decent dinner. We ended up having a slice of really bland white cake with strawberries, a very buttery croissant, and 2 diet cokes that cost $11. Ugh.

The good news is that the concert was great, and it wasn't sold out so no one was sitting in front of us and we could see the whole stage. We were some of the few Caucausian people in the audience, and I'm betting that some of the Chinese people there actually knew the some of the girls judging by the fact that several of them seemed to have their own cheering sections. The 12 Girls played some old favourites, and some new songs from their new album "Romantic Energy". There was a huge line of people after the concert waiting to buy the CDs and have the girls sign them.

We skipped the autograph session and headed for home...with a quick stop at Del Taco for some real (?) food. All in all, a good date night!


mom to two munchkins said...

Hello -
Sorry you miss your dinner but I hope you made it up by going to Del Taco. I just wanted to tell you I just love reading your "blog". Tenley reminds me so much of my little one so when I came upon your blog, I just kept saying "yes" she did that, "yes" she still doing it.
Thank you for sharing your journal with us.

Karen said...

DH found Twelve girls band about a year ago, before we decided to adopt. They really are an awesome group! BTW, Ive been following your blog since before you brought Tenley home. I love the posts!