Monday, October 24, 2005

Pumpkin in the Pumpkins

Apparently, if you adopt a little girl from China and you have a blog, you must take her to a pumpkin patch prior to Halloween and then post at least 1 cute pictute from the event. Tenley is merely the last (but certainly not least!) of her China sisters to make a pilgrimage to the local gourd purveoyr.

We were actually supposed to go see the vegetables last weekend, but it was raining and with Ten having an ear infection we decided to hold off. This turned out to be good, because so did the Inland Empire playgroup from Families With Children From China, and we were able to go with them and meet a bunch of the other cuties that live in our neck of the woods.

The Pumpkin Patch of choice is at Live Oak Canyon in Yucaipa, where there are not only an abundance of pumpkins in various sizes and varieties, but also: hay pyramid to climb, a petting zoo, pony rides, face painting, bounce houses & slides, hayrides, and this ATV train thing that looked like alot of fun. Tenley was really keen on the hay pyramid- she loved the way it felt in her hands and that she could pull it out and throw it around. She was unimpressed with the pumpkins themselves, even after we showed her how they make sounds when you drum on them or that they could be rolled. She kept pointing at the ATV ride, and there were some kids on it that didn't look too much older than Tenley, so I think we'll have pictures of she and daddy on it next year.

All the pumpkins were making Jeff hungry, so we trotted off to Victoria Gardens for a snack and to get a pumpkin bundt mix from Williams Sonoma. The pumpkin bundt mix refused to leave without it's best friends, the pumpkin pecan bread mix and the mulling spices, so we took them all home. We also ended up with some more clothes for Tenley from Osh Kosh (store closing, everything 30-70% off), and I found 2 adorable dresses for Christmas but we couldn't decide which one we liked better so we bought 1 for this year, and 1 for next!

More pictures from the pumpkin patch and Victoria Gardens at Also visit Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch at:

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