Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I Am Grateful

So there was something that I forgot to mention when I wrote about my trip to Palm Springs with Tenley. I forgot to mention that I am married to a really fabulous guy. He's too good for me. I'm blessed with spending my life with my best friend who makes me laugh so hard it hurts, does nice things for me everyday (like getting up out of bed and bringing me Advil & water because I casually mention that I have a headache), he writes me love letters, puts up with my general craziness and messiness, and works hard so I can stay home and be a Mommy. He's also a great Dad who not only plays with his kid; but feeds her, bathes her, changes diapers, sings lullbyes, and dries tears. I feel compelled to mention how lucky I am to have this man as my partner, because I spent 3 days as a "single mom".

I have always had a certain respect for single moms (and dads!), and I have gained a new level of appreciation for them. I have had the briefest glimpse of how tired they must be after working all day and then coming home to care for one of these little dynamos. I am in awe of their fortitude, self reliance and stamina. I greatly admire those, like my own mother, who carry on and provide a great life for their children all by themselves when, by accident or design, they are left to do the job alone. I kneel in amazement at those who intentionally choose to take on the challenge of raising a child all on their own!

To those of you out there who have done, or are currently doing this parenting job alone - I salute you! You are amazing people, doing the most difficult of all jobs and you have my utmost respect.

To my own mother: thank you- I could not have asked for a finer woman to have raised me, you have been a great mom (and dad) and I am still in awe of all you have done and continue to do for me. I can never repay you, I can only try to do as much for Tenley. And Jeff: I could not ask for a better husband, Tenley could not hope for a more loving Dad. I am so very very lucky to have you here to help me.


Donna said...

Oh my gosh! It seems we're married to the same man! :::wink:::

Seriously, you are blessed to have such a wonderful husband. Not everyone is as lucky as we are!

Grandma Susie said...

What can I say . . . I guess whatever efforts I made must have been the right ones because they helped to produce a warm, caring, wonderful woman who is bright, funny, clever, a wonderful Mother and who I'm very, very proud to call my daughter.

Tenley could not have better, more loving, caring parents. I love you all!

Grandma Susie

PeiLien said...

Reading your post I have tears..just beautiful.