Thursday, May 25, 2006

In The Middle of Nowhere...again!

Day 4 began at 1am as previously mentioned. After we got Tenley back to sleep at 4am we settled in for what would be a quick five hour nap. Tenley was awake again at 9am. After breakfast we took Ten to the little kids program that is sponsored by Fisher Price. Mom and/or dad are required to attend with the little ones. Tenley seemed to enjoy playing with the toys that went along with the "Around the Neighborhood" theme. She picked up a guest house and wouldn't let it go. She played with the bus and the other cars. After a while she was done. Done for Tenley means dropping all toys and heading for the door at full toddler run. She ran out and was on the move toward the nearest set of stairs, time for climbing again. You would think that after four days of continuous stair climbing they would lose their appeal or possibly she would have shin splints. But no, they've become more of an obession with each passing day.

Next we went and bought some of our photos that the ship takes everywhere and anytime you aren't looking. There are photographers everywhere always asking you to bunch up and smile. Then for a mere $6.95 and above you can purchase the lovely or not so lovely photos of you and your loved ones. We then tried very unsuccessfully to lull Tenley into an early nap by walking around the ship on deck 5. The sun was shining and it was nice enough to be outside until the captain, who we think might actually be the Swedish Chef from the Muppets, came over the loud speaker to narrate the open ocean that was all around us. That was it for Tenley! She was now more awake than before. We gave up and headed for lunch. After lunch there was a full afternoon of activities planned such as Bingo, Art Auctions and stair climbing. This was the plan. The plan was thwarted by an unscheduled three hour nap. We slept right through Bingo, the Art Auction and thankfully the additional stair climbing. After our nap it was time for dinner. Are you sensing a theme onboard? Sleep and eat.

At dinner we had some additional guests at our table. Despite being seated at a table for 8 we have only been a party of 6 for the first few nights. Tonight however, the phantom old people showed up. Lucky them! Two young couples with two very young and cranky children. Fortunatley for them, fate smiled on their night as Tenley and Alex were both very good during dinner. This couple was used to a higher level of cruising where the ships are smaller and the service is more personalized and detailed. In the cruise industry smaller equals much more expensive. They explained that they had found the buffet on the first night and were very happy eating their weight in prepaid food and were planning to return there after being unimpressed with the dining room. Oh well, as we always say, "Bon Appetit!"

We dropped Tenley in the room where our cabin attendant, Vivien, and babysitter Lisa distracted her nicely while we went to the show. The show was Karon Cate and Marty Allen. You would recognize Marty Allen from his wild hair and the fact that he has been around since God was a boy. Karon on the other hand, you might not have ever heard of. She was the original 7-UP Wet and Wild girl...whatever that is. She was typical Vegas style entertainment. Singer, piano player, probably a dancer in her former life. Marty is a comedian who has appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, The Tonight Show, etc. He was pretty funny and seemed to do a lot of physical comedy using his weird hair and unusual facial features. Funnier still is the fact that these two have been married for the past 23 years. Yes sir, only on a cruise ship can you get world class entertainment like this!

After the show we stayed for the Love & Marriage game. Three couples display for everyone how little they know about each other after less than one year, 25 years and 50 years of marriage. Michelle and I could win this game hands down but seem to never meet the year requirements.

It was time to call it a night and we headed off to bed. Thankfully Tenley slept soundly all night long. And thus ends day 4.

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