Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cruise Day Two

Day two started promptly at 5am. Tenley was well rested and ready for a day at sea climbing stairs. Michelle and I were under the mistaken impression that we were on vacation and the day should not start until DAYLIGHT! Michelle made a valiant effort to get Tenley back to sleep but she was having none of it. She was up and by God, everyone on our deck should be up too. So we did what every other passenger who was awake would do...we went in search of the never ending buffet. The buffet on this ship is a vast improvement over the older ships due to it's layout. This one is so much better.

After breakfast we went back to our room where Michelle promptly went to sleep and left me with the still wide awake Tenley. Bleary-eyed and still needing sleep myself, I took Tenley for a walk around the ship, about 5 times. After we met loads of nice people and cause a couple of traffic jams with the stroller, Tenley fell asleep somewhere on deck 5 about the third trip around. I continued around the ship for two more times to make sure she was out for good before heading back to the room for my much needed nap.

Our peaceful slumber was not as peaceful as it should have been. First, our fearless leader Captain Rune Lockling came over the ship's PA to welcome everyone aboard and wish us an enjoyable day sailing in the middle of nowhere. He then went on to explain why we were in the middle of nowhere. Next he started talking about San Francisco, then Astoria. At this point Michelle sat up and said "Oh for the love of God! He's going to narrate the entire cruise right now!" I had other concerns. Mainly that my nap was being interrupted but also that mon capitan fancies himself a comedian. Someone needed to explain to him that he can either drive the boat or be in the show but not both... and he probably shouldn't quit his day job. Fortunately his monologue didn't wake up Typhoon Tenley.

Next came Elmo. For Christmas Tenley got an "Elmo Knows Your Name" doll. Now Elmo doesn't actually know the name Tenley but he does sing and play games with her. He's also programmed with her daily schedule. So promptly at 10:00am, while we were sleeping, Elmo came to life and annouced rather loudly that it was time for breakfast and began singing the Sesame Street theme song. I sprang out of bed and was smothering Elmo with a couch pillow while trying to undo his velcro butt and turn him off. All the while thinking "What kind of sadistic idiot makes a toy that comes to life and talks on its own?"

Tenley woke up again around 12pm so we headed for the buffet to cram down some lunch before Michelle abandoned us for her massage appt. After lunch Tenley and I were watching cartoons in the cabin. After a while I noticed it was very quiet. Quiet is always dangerous with Tenley. I found her out on the balcony shredding kleenex and casually tossing it overboard. That's my kid...doing her part to ruin our oceans. So after more cartoons, much more stair climbing and a trip to the salon to see mommy, it was finally time for dinner. So what's a girl to do when she's all dressed up for formal night and going to a fancy dinner? You guessed it, she fell asleep in my arms just as dinner was starting. I ordered dinner anyway and when it arrived, the head waiter took my plate and cut up all of my food since I was tied up with Tenley. Guess I'll have to tip him now! Tenley woke up just as dessert was being served and shared my vanilla souflee.

After dinner we had arranged for a babysitter and Lisa showed up promptly at 8pm. While she distracted Tenley, Michelle and I made our escape. We stopped by the show in the main lobby and then went to the main show in the Aurora Theater. Last nights attraction was Bobby Arvon whose only claim to fame was that he sang the theme song to Happy Days. Twenty years and a bad toupe later, he is still living the glory days of the past.

After the show we went to the Schooner bar for a while where we joined in the sing-a-long with the piano player. Soon it was 11:30pm and time to return to our cabin and our little monster. We were sure we would find Lisa cowering in the corner with Tenley running amok around the cabin. Much to our surprise, we found Tenley dead asleep. Lisa said Ten went to sleep at 10:30pm after much hard playing. With that we said good night to Lisa and jumped into bed ourselves before Tenley could wake up. And thus ends day two!

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