Monday, May 08, 2006

Conversation With Random Kids

So it was such a nice day outside that I decided to take the Tenster to the park to make sure she was properly worn out for her nap. We visited a new park in a swankier area of town, and the visit was like any other visit to any other park: lots of time on the swings, walking around in the sand box and making sure that she could still bury her feet and flinging sand into the air like confetti (so it can land in her hair and make her look like she has an extreme case of dandruff), and eventually getting around to exploring the play structure- which always turns out to be a good time because there is a driving wheel, a slide to go down head first, and lots of big kids to watch. It was during this last phase of the visit that I had this very funny little conversation:

3 boys in the 7-9 age range (I'm guessing) rode their bikes up onto the playground and parked one a the foot of a slide and one behind the slide, and then crawled under the play structure to eat their M&M's and drink Gatorade. I was forced to interrupt their pow-wow when Tenley wanted to slide down the slide.

Me: Hey guys, can I get you to move the orange bike from the foot of the slide? My little one wants to go down, and since she usually goes head first, I think it would be ugly.

Boy 1: Sure.

He exits the underside of the structure with his posse and they move their bikes.

Boy 1: (looking at Tenley) Is she yours?

Me: Yep! She's mine!

Boy 2: She looks kinda Asian.

Me: Actually she's very Asian- she's Chinese.

Boy 2: Did you marry a guy in China?

Me: Nope.

Boy 2: Did he move here and then you married him?

Me: Nope. Her dad is from La Mirada, he's 6'1" with blond hair & blue eyes.

Boy 1: (the light bulb appearing above his head) Oh, she's adopted!

Me: Exactly! (with a big smile, while touching my nose with one hand and pointing at him with the other)

Boy 3: Are you ever gonna have a baby?

Me: I don't think so. I don't really want to get all fat & crave pickles & ice cream.

Boy 3: (earnestly and with great sympathy) Yeah, I know. Fat girls suck.

They said "bye" and Tenley waved at them and dove down the slide head first, and with that they mounted their bikes and rode off to cause mayhem elsewhere. I laughed so hard. There's no way to explain all the real reasons for adopting to 3 random kids who don't really care, so I opted for what might seem obvious to a kid...but the littlest one's earnesty cracked me up.

PS: My Mom got the really cute picture of Tenley and that's her cat, Mr. Puck, showing us his grand and glorious derrier. Isn't that charming?!?


Shana said...

Crack me up! That is SO funny!

We were at a kids' birthday party yesterday, and this little girl asked if she could ask me a question. (she had been staring at Sophie & me) I said, "Sure"- thinking she would ask me something adoption related. Nope, she got this disgusted look on her face and asked,"Why did you where THAT shirt?" :)

One Lucky Mom said...

Too funny. How perfect for a boy eating M&Ms to profess is distaste for fat chicks. They actually sound like quite nice little boys.