Monday, May 22, 2006

Bon Voyage!!!

We needed a vacation so thanks to the IRS, we booked a quick trip up the coast to Canada via Royal Caribbean. We left out of San Diego and will end in Vancouver. Since this was an easy trip, we decided to take Tenley. Ok, let's be real, I talked Michelle into taking Tenley with us on vacation. How could I leave that cute little girl at home with Grandma and Grandpa while I was out having a good time?

We left for San Diego around 1pm on Sunday and boarded the ship around 3pm. It is a beautiful ship full of glass, brass and hundreds of staircases. The reason I know about the staircases is I personally have inspected every single step on this ship. Tenley sees stairs, her eyes light up like its Christmas morning and she yells at the top of her lungs..."Stejkvld;jagkl;s." Who knows what she is really saying but I know she is saying "let's climb all the stairs, right NOW!" Oh yeah, did I mention that she means over and over and over again?

We walked from deck 4 to deck 13 four times while Michelle was speaking with the Guest Relations people about babysitting. By the time she was done and was ready to explore the ship, I was ready for a nap and Tenley was ready to climb the stairs again. One would think that a little, teeny, tiny girl who just climbed 9 flights of stairs 3 times would be ready to sit for a while. Maybe other little, teeny, tiny girls but not our Tenley. She just didn't understand why daddy was laying on the floor calling for the paramedics. She wanted to climb the stairs NOW!

As it turns out, she did get tired...right at dinner time. We got to experience the finest whine with dinner last night as Tenley started what would be a couple hour meltdown during our first dinner aboard. Thank God the other couple at our table have a little girl just Tenley's age. They understood. But one could see that beneath their sympathetic stares they were saying "Thank God our Alex doesn't act like that."

Tenley, of course, never wants the party to be over no matter how tired she actually is; so when we went back to our room exhausted and ready for bed, Tenley was still running from one side of the room to the other. Back and forth, back and forth. It was enough to make you want to call the ship's doctor and ask for a tranquilizer. Finally, while Michelle was hiding in the shower, I managed to make Tenley lie down on the bed and start to relax. As I was laying down next to her she grabbed her lovey and slipped peacefully into unconsciousness. Unconscious children really are cute. Who wanted to bring this little tazmanian devil on this vacation anyway? Oh yeah, that was my idea. What was I thinking!

We went to bed immediately and slept like the dead until 5am when Tenley woke up, fully recharged and ready to climb the stairs again. Are you starting to understand why we will need a vacation from our vacation? Work seems like a nice idea right about now.

That was day one. More later. By the way, there will be no pictures until Vancouver because the internet connection on the ship is a little spotty. Keep checking back here for news or watch your local news for cruise ship disasters. Chances are, Tenley had something to do with it.

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