Thursday, September 08, 2005

DC or Bust

I am running out on my family. I have taken the cash, packed my bags, in the morning I'm heading to the airport with an attractive blonde and I have left my husband and daughter to fend for themselves!

For 4 1/2 days.

The attractive blonde is Aunty Meg, and I'd like to tell you we're heading somewhere where they serve pretty colored drinks with umbrellas and they have a worl-class spa; but we're not. We are heading to Washington DC on a mission.

Our mission, which we have decided to accept, is:
1. Clean out Meg's storage unit
a. Pack up what she wants, donate what she doesn't want.
2. Pack up any items Meg wants from her soon to be ex-condo
3. Ship everything home to CA
4. Fix Adam's wireless network.
5. Pay a visit to our friend Jodi who just gave birth to her 3rd son (after 33 hrs of labor & an emergency c-section when her bladder burst). Jodi could use some help, even if we just corral her older kids & rock the baby so she can get a shower & a nap (Jodi's husband & in-laws are useless).

We are cramming in 1 day of total touristy sight-seeing, because this is the first time I will have visited our nation's capital. I did try to go once before- Jeff & I were supposed to go in Oct 2001... needless to say that didn't happen. I'm also looking forward to visiting some of the local haunts that Meg has talked about so often from when she lived here- plus I'll finally get to meet her cats, see the condo and say hi to Adam!

Jeff will be Mr. Mom and work from home, and Grandma Suzie & Grandma Barbara will be doing a day as well. I think Jeff already has hot weekend plans to go out with Doug , Tina & the Puxter- as well as pay a visit to Uncle Kevin, Tia Lorena & Uncle Kev's mom (who hasn't met Tenley yet).

I'm sure I will have stories to tell when I get back. Until then, I will miss my husband and daughter...and hope that I can turn off my Mom hearing and get 4 nights of deep deep sleep.

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