Saturday, September 10, 2005

Captivity - Day Two

Saturday, Sept. 10th. Day Two of my captivity by Tenley Warrior Princess. Today her highness decided that 5:15am was a good time to start the day. Breakfast was commanded but my services were not needed as she clearly decided that today was a day to feed herself. I was to be on hand for her amusement and in case she needed to be held after a nasty fall from trying to walk. It was a day of naps and playing all over the house, chasing kitties and going to the mall. Thankfully, today there were no Spaghetti O's. Tenley looks forward to the return of her mommy who cleverly distracted her with sleep and then made a late night escape to another state. I'm sure she will be made to pay upon her return. Lots of hugs and kisses will be required to make amends for mommy's escape and for leaving her with daddy for 5 days.

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