Sunday, September 18, 2005

1st Birthday Bash

Today was Tenley’s First Birthday Bash!

The family once again took over Aunty Meg’s house and covered it with streamers and balloons, brought way too much food and ignored my request for no presents!!

Doug & Tina made the trek (and brought salsa & guac...and 5 lbs of chips from LaTolteca- yummy) and we were delighted to see how well James is sitting up now! He also flashed us his winning smile and babbled happily as he made the rounds to all the Aunties and Grandmas in Waiting. My great friend Michelle also made the trek with her husband Joe and their cutie pie Madison- it was very exciting to see Miss Maddie since she was only 3 weeks old at my baby she’s so big!! She too has a winning smile and it won’t be long before she’s sitting up too and before both she and James are toddling along beside Tenley.

Tenley crawled everywhere, showed everyone how close she is to walking, terrorized the dog, and was entertained for hours by the balloons. Then there was the cake: I was all for giving her an unfrosted cupcake to devour, but Aunty Meg wouldn’t hear of it. I wasn’t sure she would cooperate about grubbing her hands into a big gooey pile of frosting...and she did start out very daintily sticking one or two fingers in and then sucking the frosting off.... but then as you can see by the pictures, she got the hang of it.

She was gifted with savings bonds (college education! Woo-hoo!), cute outfits & pj’s, a book, a super soft new lovey, toys, Gymboree, and a very soft totally cute fleece blanket that she will have to fight Mommy for!

Despite the fact that she only took a 1 hr nap before the party, she was in a really good mood the whole time and seemed to have lots of fun. She was so tired and kept rubbing her eyes and grabbing her lovey, but she refused to have a nap. Finally, she had little baby ADD, and could barely stand up, so we took her home and put our exhausted Monkey Princess to bed- one year older, one day more loved.


Stacey Teague said...

Happy Birthday, Tenley! The Birthday Cake picture is priceless!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Aunty Meg! Your only 1 once in your life! Let her live it up! Becky waiting for our little Chinese princess LID 6-16

PeiLien said...

I know it's a bit late but I don't know how I missed this post..I check this site out ALL THE TIME!!! I think the picture is awesome and your daughter is so so cute!!

Happy Birthday to Tenley....